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Picture of Fusia Foods' blackened salmon ready-to-eat meal.
There are a lot of ready-to-eat meals on the market. We think we’re the best. We’re not just saying that. We’ve worked really hard to be the best. We’ve put love, sweat, and maybe a tear or two into bringing you world-class meals you can cook in minutes.

Restaurant Quality.

We’re really proud of the quality of our meals. It’s the type of thing you’d expect to find in a nice sit-down restaurant.

During the lockdown, we worked with our in-house chefs to bring a little bit of that experience into your home.

Each meal has been carefully balanced and perfected. These are the ready-to-eat meals of true foodies.

Steams, Not Nukes.

Fusia Foods ready-to-eat meals are made to be cooked in the microwave, but we’ve done something a little different.

Instead of cooking your food by nuking it the way most ready-to-eat or freezer dinners work, we invented a special technology. We call it SteamOPurge.

SteamOPurge steams your food. It’s that simple (even though making it wasn’t).

With SteamOPurge, you don’t poke holes in the plastic wrap the way you do with most other microwave meals. Instead, you pop it in exactly as is. The SteamOPurge technology does the rest for you.

Why is that so cool? Because it locks in all that moisture and tenderness into every bite you take.

Ethnic Flavors from All Over the World.

Fusia Foods brings you unique flavors that give your taste buds a world tour.

Our Shrimp Siciliano is reminiscint of Italy.

Our Thai Salmon takes you to Thailand.

And our mez├ęs are especially unique. These dishes come from the Middle East. They were an important part of family culture in Egypt, where our founder came from. These are authentic family recipes you can now try in your own home.

Stays Fresh for 45 Days.

Our special HPP (High Pressure Processing) method means you can keep these meals in the fridge for well over a month without having to freeze them or throw them out.

This method of rendering food safe to eat also keeps them tasting fresher than many other methods for much longer.

Good for the Environment.

Most people don’t think about it, but food waste is a serious contributor to global climate change.

The entire process of making our food (from growing to putting it on your table) accounts for one-third of all human-caused greenhouse emissions. 33% of those emissions go into making food that will just wind up in the garbage.

That means that we could cut out almost 11% of all global emissions by doing one simple thing: throwing out less food. You don’t even have to make any sacrifices.

Fusia Foods’ extra long shelf life means you don’t have to eat it right now in order to put it to good use. Don’t feel like having it tonight? No biggie. Just keep it in the fridge. You have plenty of time before it needs to be thrown away.