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Clean Label Gourmet Foods LLC finalizes signing a partnership agreement with Université de Paris, to develope food for medicine for microbiome health. Research done by Hopkins in the field of gastroenterology_he pathology and fecal transplant shall be utilised as the basis of our work. Project shall be funded by a grant from the following universities

University of California–San Diego.
Harvard University.
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.
Université de Paris.
University of Barcelona.
Catholic University of Leuven.
University of Amsterdam.
University of Pennsylvania.

Clean Label Gourmet Foods owns Fusia Foods, Chef Gris Gris and our new launch of Mind and Body Foods and
Microbiome Foods LLC

Microbiome Foods, shall be working on an approved three stages 28 days each of a total reset of human gut.

Stage one with total cleanup and very restrictive.
Stage two, repair and rebuild gut through prebiotic and probiotic meals
Stage three maintenance

We are working to find solutions for Unbalanced Microbiome, helping stop leaky gut syndrome that is fatal in many cases and balancing the flora and fauna. All our work will be approved and endorsed by a qualified body of specialist in the field of gastroenterology. #health